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OCEAN REEF Level 2 Service Technician Course

$ 250.00

To enroll for Level 2 Servicing Technician Course you must have successfully achieved Level 1 Certification. 

Level 1 Course is a prerequisite for enrollment to Level 2 Course  - a check Is performed during the application.

The Level 2 Service Technician certification is required to become an OCEAN REEF AUTHORISED SERVICE CENTER.

In addition, the service center is required to have the Level 2 Special Tools available. In the application procedure of Level 2 Service Technician there is the option to order those Tools. 

The Level 2 Service Technician course requires a deeper knowledge and servicing skills. After the course you will be certified to perform servicing on: 

  • Integrated Mask Regulator
  • SL35TX First Stage
  • OCEAN REEF Octopus
  • GSM Underwater Communication units
  • Full Line of Accessories

The OCEAN REEF Level 2 Service Technician Course consists of 3 MODULES, a final knowledge test and a practical exam. During the practical exam you will demonstrate your ability to Disassemble, Assemble and Tune the integrated 2nd stage and 1st stage regulator system.

After your Application you will receive a Service Clinic Training Kit with a training Mask and training 1st stage. The OCEAN REEF special tools you need are NOT included.

As result from the worldwide COVID-19 situation, OCEAN REEF will only offer ONLINE Practical Exams at this time. 

For any questions during the online Course you can contact your OCEAN REEF Service Technician Trainer (STT) who is dedicated to you as a coach during the course, or send an email at: 

Pratical Exam and training Kit

To obtain the OCEAN REEF level 2 Service Technician Certification, a practical exam is required

  • Training Kit

    To obtain the Service Technician Level 2 certification it is necessary to take a practical exam, with our training kit. The training kit consists of a full face mask and a demo first stage you can practice with, after the proper lessons and with the support of your STT.

  • Diploma and responsibility's

    Once your training kit has been received back to us, the STT will carefully check that the mask and the first stage have been assembled correctly. After the final verification you will get your diploma by e-mail. We remind you the certification has a 3-year deadline, at the end of which it will be necessary to renew by attending a recertification course.


Required Special Tools (NOT INCLUDED IN COURSE FEE)

Note that to have access to the course it is necessary to have special tools. In case you do not have these tools, you must report it on the specific page of the application form. The tools are not included in the course fee but can be purchased separately. 

List of Required OCEAN REEF Special Tools: 

  • Neptune Space Nozzle Adjustment Tool # 9754 
  • Neptune Space regulator adapter # 9794 
  • Modified Nozzle removal tool # OR002333 
  • “I” shaped Allen wrench # 33401 
  • “L” shaped Allen wrench # 33402
  • Modified 25 mm Spanner 1st stage (INT) version #9788
  • Shaft for Nozzle Adjustment Tool # OR002330
  • Diaphragm Bezel Removal Tool # OR002331
  • Poppet Insert Tool # OR002332

All Tools are included in the Basic Level 2 Tool Kit # OR035021 - $ 164,00


In the OCEAN REEF Luxury Level 2 Tool Kit #OR035010 the required Basic Tools are included and you find some extra Tools that are common in the diving industry. You may already have in your workshop. 

  • Compass spanner 2 mm Pin #9761
  • O-Ring removal Tool #33407
  • Allen Key 2,5 mm #9778
  • 7/16 Bolt handle # 9759
  • ½ Moon Spanner # 9785
  • Open end movable pin wrench 2.3 mm #OR003803 

All Tools are included in the Luxury Level 2 Tool Kit # OR035010 - $ 292,00

Shipping costs

Note that the shipping cost of the Training Kit is at your expense. The Training Kit will have to be sent back to the place indicated by your reference STT to be inspected.

To optimize times and reduce delivery costs, we advice to combine the shipment of the training kit with a regular order.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • The OCEANREEF Level 2 Service Technician Course

    • Level 2 Program

    • Ready to go!

  • 2

    MODULE 3 - Introduction of Different Models IDM and full line of Accessories & ARIA

    • MODULE 3 Program

    • 1. Different Models in the OCEAN REEF Neptune Space Mask range

    • 1.1 Differences between IDM models

    • 1.2.NEPTUNE SPACE G.diver Mask

    • 1.3 SPACE EXTENDER Mask

    • 1.4 SPACE EXTENDER 100 Mask


    • 1.6 IRON Mask

    • 1.7 Neptune Space 50/60 Mask

    • Module 3_Lessons Review 1

    • 2. Accessories available for the Neptune Space Mask range

    • 2.2 Quick Connections

    • 2.3 Dual Tank Valve

    • 2.4 Conventional Regulator Adapter

    • 2.5 Optical Lens Support

    • 2.6 Extender Kit

    • 2.7 Camera & Torch Support

    • 2.8 BUMP (Back Up Mask & Snorkel Package)

    • 2.9 OCEAN REEF Octopus

    • Module 3_Lessons Review 2

    • 3.ARIA Snorkel Program

    • 3.1 Full-Face Snorkel masks models

    • 3.2 Snorkie Talkie

    • 4. DUO Snorkel fins

    • Module 3_Lessons Review 3 & 4

  • 3

    MODULE 4 -Underwater Communication concept, Check & Repairs

    • MODULE 4 Program

    • 1. Introduction to Underwater Communication systems

    • 1.2 Communication Systems Overview

    • 1.3 The D-Mic

    • 1.5 Unit speakers

    • 1.4 Dynamic Microphone

    • Module 4_Lessons Review 1

    • 2. Hardwired Communication Systems


    • Module 4_Lessons Review 2

    • 3. Wireless Communication Systems

    • 3.2. ULTRASOUND Sound Waves

    • 3.3 GSM Mercury Unit

    • 3.4 GSM G.divers Unit

    • 3.5 GSM M101A

    • 3.6 M105 Digital Surface Unit

    • 3.7 M100 Portable Surface Transceiver Unit

    • 3.8 Damper

    • 4. Hybrid System

    • Module 4_Lessons Review 3 & 4

    • 5. AUDIO / VIDEO Systems

    • 5.1 Gamma 105 Audio/Video Surface Unit

    • 5.2 GAMMA ALPHA

    • 5.3 Portable Air Control Unit

    • Module 4_Lessons Review 5

    • 6. How to proceed from here

  • 4

    MODULE 5 - Level 2 Technician Training (including repair videos of IDMs, First Stages and underwater communication systems)

    • MODULE 5 Program

    • 1.1 Liabilities and requirements of an OCEAN REEF Level 2 Service Technician

    • 1.2 Special Tools

    • 1.3 Ordering Level 2 Parts

    • 1.4 Warranty claims

    • 1.5 Workflow


    • 2.0 OCEAN REEF Integrated Dive Mask Systems (IDM)

    • 2.1 Disassembly of Regulator 2nd stage

    • Remove Front Cover

    • Inside of the Integrated Balanced Adjustable 2nd stage Regulator

    • Remove the Demand Lever _ Step 1

    • Remove the Demand Lever _ Step 2

    • Disassembly of Adjustment Knob

    • Nozzle Removal

    • Disassembly of Dive/Predive switch

    • Disassembly of Orinasal mask

    • Disassembly of Orinasal valves

    • Disassembly of 3-D Equalization System

    • Disassembly of Regulator Housing

    • Disassembly of Second Stage Recap Video

    • Check on Visor

    • 2.2 Assembly and Tuning of the OCEAN REEF IDM

    • Assembly of the regulator components

    • Replace the Trim screw

    • Internal components of the Regulator Valve Body

    • Little spring

    • Install the combination of Poppet, 2 springs and Balanced Chamber in the Regulator Valve Body

    • Building the regulator in the Regulator Adapter

    • Body Washer and Hex nut

    • insert the Lever

    • Tuning the regulator

    • Set the cracking point

    • take out the Regulator

    • Assembly of the Orinasal Mask

    • Install the Regulator in the Visor

    • Placing the Silicone Purge button and Front cover

    • 2.3 Rebuilding the IDM

    • 3. OCEAN REEF SL35TX First Stage systems

    • DISASSEMBLY PROCEDURE for SL35TX 1st stage regulator

    • Cleaning Procedure

    • 3.2 ASSEMBLY PROCEDURE for SL35TX 1st stage regulator

    • Tuning the SL35TX First Stage

    • 4. OCEAN REEF Octopus


    • 5.1 CHECKS & REPAIRS

    • Check 1

    • Check 2

    • Check 3

    • Check 4

    • Check 5

    • Check 6

    • Attention!

    • 5.2 Repairs on the Mercury Unit

    • The BLUE D-Mic

    • Mercury Check

    • 5.3 Repairs on GSM G.divers, Cube 3 and M101A

    • 5.4 D-Mic

    • 6. Accessories

  • 5


    • 7. How to proceed from here

    • Exam Rules and Advice

Course procedure and pricing

Ocean Reef's E-learning platform allows you to have access to your lessons anytime, anywhere

  • Online courses

    If you are interested in our course click on the "APPLY" button and fill out the application form. Once we have verified that your profile meets all the requirements to access the course, you will receive a link to make the payment via PayPal and you can follow your lessons online anywhere in the world!

  • Service Technician Trainer (STT)

    Once you will have access to the course, an STT will be assigned to you in base on the relevant geographic area. Your STT will follow you step by step, ready to clarify all your doubts and to support you until the final exam.


OCEAN REEF Service Technician Trainers (STT)

For any assistance or if you have any questions during the course you can contact your personal Service Technician Trainer or contact our education department at