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OCEAN REEF Level 2 Service Technician Recertification Course

OCEAN REEF Technician certifications have a validation of 3 years. Expiring on the 31st of December of the year of validation.  

The Level 2 Service Technician Recertification Course will review modifications, new products and refresh the technician’s knowledge and understanding of the OCEAN REEF IDM and 1stStage systems. Availability of the OCEAN REEF level 2 Special Tools is a requirement. 

  • Level 1 & 2 certifications have a 3-year validation
  • Refresher of current program and Service Technician Knowledge
  • Level 2 Service Technicians do not have to take refresher courses for level 1
  • Update on new OCEAN REEF products 

The OCEAN REEF Level 2 Service Technician Recertification Course consists of 2 MODULES a final knowledge test and a Practical exam where you will demonstrate your servicing skills on the OCEAN REEF IDM and 1st stage.  

After you have sent your Application you will receive a Service Clinic Training Kit with a training Mask and 1st stage. The Special Tools are NOT included.

As result from the Worldwide COVID 19 situation, OCEAN REEF will only offer ON-LINE Practical Exams.

For any questions during the online Course you can contact your OCEAN REEF Trainer, or send us an email at: 

Application form will be soon available


OCEAN REEF Service Technician Trainers (STT)

For any assistance or if you have any questions during the course you can contact your personal Service Technician Trainer or contact our education department at

More about this course

  • News

    You will be updated to all new OCEAN REEF Products and about their maintenance

  • Exams

    You will get your certificate after an online written text and a practical exam