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OCEAN REEF Level 1 Technician Course

$ 95.00

This course is available only for OCEAN REEF Authorized Dealers.
To become a dealer, please send your application via website.

The Level 1 Technician Course is meant for those Dealers and Technicians who want to do minor modifications on an OCEAN REEF Full Face Mask, such as changing a Face Seal or repairing a Surface Air Valve, Communication Port or Exhaust Valve

As an OCEAN REEF Level 1 Technician you will be certified to perform servicing and order spare parts for: 

  • Extender Frame
  • Clamping Band
  • Strap
  • Face Seal
  • Surface Air Valve
  • Communication Port
  • Exhaust Valve
  • Rubber Adjustment Knob Cover
  • 3-D Equalization System
  • ARIA Full Face Snorkeling Mask

After signing up for the course, Ocean Reef will send you the 2 Special Tools that you will need in order to work on the Ocean Reef Full Face Mask.

We will also introduce you to your Ocean Reef Technician Trainer who will be your coach during the course. They will be able to answer any questions that you have or give you a deeper explanation when needed.


During the course there will be a few review questions in each section to show that you have comprehended the content of the section. At the end of the course there will be a final test.  After successful completion of the final exam you will be eligible to order Level 1 parts listed in the Ocean Reef Spare Parts List.

For any questions during the course you can contact your Technician Trainer, or send an email to


Course procedure and pricing

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  • Online courses

    If you are interested in our course click on the "APPLY" button and fill out the application form. Once we have verified that your profile meets all the requirements to access the course, you will receive a link to make the payment via PayPal and you can follow your lessons online anywhere in the world!

  • Technician Trainer

    Once you have access to the course, a Technician Trainer will be assigned to you according to the relevant geographic area. Your Technician Trainer will follow you step by step, ready to clarify all your doubts and support you until the final exam.

Course curriculum overview

  • 1


    • Level 1 Program

    • Module 0 _ Lessons Review 0

    • Ready to go

  • 2

    MODULE 1 - Basic concept of SCUBA regulators and concept of Full Face Mask Systems

    • MODULE 1 Program

    • Scuba Regulators & Full-Face Mask Systems

    • 1.1 Changes in surrounding pressure by depth

    • 2.1 Basic Function of a SCUBA Regulator

    • 2.2 Scuba Regulators

    • 2.3 First and second stage functioning

    • 3.1 Inhalation & exhalation resistance

    • 3.2 Cracking Point

    • 3.3 Adjustment

    • 3.4 Exhalation

    • 3.5 Inhalation and exhalation effort

    • 3.6 Balanced systems

    • Module 1_Lessons Review 1

    • 4.1 A Full-Face Mask System as second stage regulator

    • 4.2 IDM Benefits

    • 4.3 IDM Features

    • 4.4 Balanced Pressure Demand System

    • 4.5 Upside-down position

    • 4.6 Surface Air Valve

    • 4.7 Communication Port

    • 4.8 Exhaust Valve

    • 4.9 Visor

    • 5.1 Special Training

    • 5.2 Full-Face Mask Specialty Courses

    • Module 1_Lessons Review 2

    • End of MODULE 1

  • 3

    MODULE 2 -Level 1 Technician Training

    • MODULE 2 Program

    • 1.1 Responsibility’s and requirements of OCEAN REEF Level 1 Technician

    • 1.2. Special Tools

    • 1.3 Level 1 Parts

    • 1.4 Ordering Level 1 Parts _ Download Service Manual

    • 1.4 Ordering Level 1 Parts

    • 1.5. Warranty claims

    • Module 2_Lessons Review 1

    • 2. Disassembly of level 1 parts

    • 2.1. Parts for disassembly

    • Disassembly of Extender Frame

    • Disassembly of Clamping Band

    • Disassembly of the Strap

    • Disassembly of Face Seal

    • Disassembly of Surface Air Valve (Professional and G.Divers)

    • Disassembly of Communication Port

    • Disassembly of Exhalation Valve

    • Disassembly of Orinasal Valves

    • Removal of Rubber Adjustment Knob

    • Module 2_Lessons Review 2

    • 3. Assembly of Level 1 parts

    • 3.1 Parts for assembly

    • Assembly of Orinasal Valves

    • Assembly of Communication port

    • Assembly of Surface Air Valve

    • Assembly of Professional Directional Exhalation Valve

    • Assembly of Face Seal

    • Assembly of Clamping Band

    • Assembly of Stainless-Steel Clamping band

    • Assembly of the Extender frame

    • Assembly of Rubber Adjustment Knob

    • Module 2_Lessons Review 3

    • 4. ARIA Full-Face Snorkeling Mask

    • 4.1 ARIA Orinasal and Draining Valves

    • 4.2 ARIA Stuck Floater

    • 4.3 ARIA V-Clip Removal

    • Module 2_Lessons Review 4

    • 5. Checks & Disinfection

    • 5.1 Masks Cleaning

    • 5.2 Working station checks

    • 5.3 Be gentle

    • 5.4 Take time for a final check

    • Module 2_Lessons Review 5

    • 6. How to proceed from here

  • 4


    • Level 1 Technician Course

More about this course

  • Tools

    You will receive the special tools to operate as an OCEAN REEF Level 1 Technician

  • Full Online Course

    You will get your own certificate ready to print after taking the online exam

  • Level 2 Prerequisite

    Level 1 Technician course is a prerequisite to apply to Level 2 Service Technician course


OCEAN REEF Technician Trainers (TT)

For any assistance or if you have any questions during the course you can contact your personal Technician Trainer or contact our education department at