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Hello and welcome to the OCEAN REEF Online School!

An exciting platform built to learn everything you should know about OCEAN REEF products, their safe and correct use and much more! 

This platform is intended for OCEAN REEF Dealers, Technicians, Staff, Area managers and Scuba Professionals who seek deeper knowledge of our products.


OCEAN REEF has developed a Technician Level System: 

Authorized Dealerships that plan to help their customers in simple trouble shooting, simple repairs, can opt for an introductory Level 1 Technician Course – this will make ordering of Level 1 spare parts possible.

To be qualified as an actual OCEAN REEF Authorized Service Center, performing servicing and the ability to order all spare parts, you are required to have a certified and valid (currently valid certification) OCEAN REEF Level 2 Service Technician on staff. In addition to that, you need to have the OCEAN REEF Level 2 Special Tools available. 

Level 1 Technician certification is a prerequisite for Level 2 Service Technician course participation 

The Technician qualification expires after 3 years – on the 31st of December of the expiration year. 

A recertification course can be attended to extend the validity of the qualification for an additional 3 years.

An OCEAN REEF Authorized Service Center is such only while it retains Authorized Dealership.  To become a Dealer, please send your application via the OCEAN REEF website Dealer application page.